Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

two years ago today Ben and I were in Costa Rica for Thanksgiving week. I don’t even remember how or why we got the idea to go there, but I still think it was the best trip we’ve ever taken (maybe even beating our honeymoon in Belize)!
On Thanksgiving Day we went to Manuel Antonio and national Park (and beach). It was the most remarkable day of our trip and a T-day I will never forget! It was complete paradise.

There were monkeys, iguanas, raccoons, birds and even a sloth! The monkeys and raccoons were aggressively trying to steal food from people!
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Podcast recaps från 6 augusti
And here’s a new video with a quick recap of 3 podcasts I listened to yesterday. 
Podcasts Recapped:

The drama Club – April 2018 episode about Monica Lewinsky and July 2018 episode about Conan O’Brien and duchess of York Fergie. interesting stuff!

The morning toast Podcast – Today’s episode about hot topics including the E! news announcement that the show will be completely cancelled (the times have been switched up a bit lately, but now it’s over).

Juicy scoop with Heather McDonald – interview with Captain Sandy from below Deck Mediterranean 

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Marathon training Day 6


And after hiking around a bit we swam in the ocean and suddenly someone on shore started yelling something and pointing in my direction. For a second “SHARK!” went through my head! But, it [turned out to be] a substantial sea turtle. He kept coming up for air and I tried to swim along side him/her as long as I could. Best.Thanksgiving.EVER.

For a few days we stayed at an eco-lodge and ate breakfast outside each morning in the green beauty. I loved the Costa Rican food – rice, beans and fish!

We climbed a volcano…

And passed the “Peligro!” signs because we live dangerously.

Here’s the view of a lake from the volcano…

We zip-lined in the Rainforest.

Det var fantastiskt. I have had a crazy love for the rainforest since I was a kid. actually getting to check out the rain forest was a dream. I really want to explore other rain forests now too! save the Rainforest!!

We rented a automobile and drove up and down the Pacific Coast, but there were some obstacles along the way…

Ben loved the fresh coconut juice ? It’s just not my thing.

We also visited a coffee plantation and got to enjoy fresh Costa Rican coffee.

We made some new friends…here is a Coati ?

And there were stray dogs EVERYWHERE.

It is quite a bumpy drive from the volcanoes (inland) to the beach, but totally worth the views.

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (because I love food)! and this Costa Rica trip was my favorite T-day ever. Ben and I fell in love with central America on this trip and dream about exploring other countries in the region (hence the Belize honeymoon).

I hope you are having an remarkable Thanksgiving!!! Now, I need to get back to cooking…

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