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Hello! It seems harder as well as harder to discover my go-to preferred tampon lately. I’ve utilized OB tampons solely considering that high school. I believe they’re awesome, work well , are little as well as simple to tuck in a running shorts pocket… however lately it’s been difficult for me to discover them. lots of stores have the range pack or the wrong size – I just want a box of the routine ones! So, I started to buy them from Amazon.

But this last cycle – I forgot. When I went to Target to get them… there was one box! Det är bra!! however it was ripped open. Det är inte bra.
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[You can get OB Tampons on Amazon here]

This did remind me that my fave period partner has been harder to discover so I lastly thought about trying The Diva Cup. For those that don’t understand it’s a re-usable menstruation cup. I’ve understood about it for a long time however have hesitated to try it for a number of reasons…

a.) How?? exactly how do I put it in? exactly how do I take it out?

b.) Weird? Is it going to feel weird? Gör det ont? It seems huge as well as awkward…

c.) Questions! I have a great deal of questions. exactly how do you empty as well as put it back? exactly how often? Does it get heavy?

d.) Need? I don’t believe I’ve needed it up till this point. I already have a tampon I’m incredibly delighted with.

e.) Eco-friendly. Yes, The Diva cup is environment-friendly considering that you’re not throwing away pads or tampons each month. however as far as traditional period choices go – OB Tampons seem to produce the least squander of all of them. They don’t have an applicator, have very little packaging as well as are little so it’s less waste.

[You can get The Diva cup on Amazon here]

But that 1 ripped box at Target reminded me that I may requirement to discover one more choice so I grabbed the Diva cup as well as made a decision I’d provide it a try.

And I asked on Instagram for some tips. I have NO concept the actual logistics of this thing.

Truthfully, I’m a bit scared…

What if I do it wrong? will it get stuck?! will it poke me as well as be uncomfortable?? What if I get it in however can’t get it out?

Luckily, I have the very best followers in the world! as well as you came through. There are so lots of practical comments as well as tips on this instagram post.

Tack. Seriously – so lots of people chimed in with their personal experiences as well as advice. It’s a personal topic! as well as I truly appreciate the openness.

If you’re curious about utilizing something such as this inspect out my Instagram publish as well as checked out the comments.

If you have any type of ideas or recommendations please share it with me. I’m trying to discover before I choose it. I may have gotten the wrong one so I’m available to trying one more one.

Since we’re on the subject…

I have a extremely prominent publish with ideas for Running a Race on Your Period. I’ve run a number of races – full marathons as well as half marathons on my period. as well as after a few day 1 circumstances I put together a publish with some advice. inspect it out if it might assist you!

Question: have you tried a menstruation cup like this? Thoughts? Tips?

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